Author: jamie

Cash flow is king

3 Web apps that will make cash flow problems a thing of the past. For the first five years in business I found cash flow to be the biggest drain on productivity and positivity. The endless struggle to get customers to pay for services they so readily demanded in urgent fashion. A mixture of late payers, won’t payers and me with my head in the sand, left me wondering why I had left employment. It most certainly held back our progress. I decided to do something about it and set about looking at ways to automate the process so...

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Web 3.0 The Future of Start Ups

In a world where every conceivable website idea has already been done; where will the millennials find their next billion? Artificial intelligence has been promised as just around the corner for as long as I have been sat at my desk fixing bad robots: which is a very long time. AI has actually suffered so much inertia that the technical community coined the phrase “The AI winter” in order to describe the last two decades of slow progress. In recent years though, something has changed, and suddenly AI has gone from feeling like we are waiting for the release of Duke Nukem...

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Lost in thought?

Many people go through every day lost in thought, thinking of the past with regret and pondering the future with fear. They fail to build worthwhile lifestyles getting caught up in the minutiae of everyday mundane tasks to occupy their mind for a time before returning to the thoughts that trouble them. Here we will attempt to unravel the reasons so many of us choose to procrastinate and identify what you can do today to change the way you spend your days. Unhappiness I would often sit and ponder what it was I truly wanted to do with my...

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